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Sabrina and her class go on a camping trip, with her Uncle Quigley as chaperone. On the hike there, Gem dares Sabrina to scare her Uncle Quigley in order to prove she's not afraid to get into mischief. Determined to prove Gem wrong, Sabrina reluctantly agrees and performs the dare. Sabrina feels bad, and to get back at her, dares Gem to walk across a log over a oath of poison ivy, which Uncle Quigley warns the kids not to go near. it seems like Gem is going through with he dare, but they find out that Bernard was disguised as her So Gem wouldn't have to do the dare. Later, at the campfire, the kids are telling scary stories, when Harvey tells a story about the ghosts of canaries that were trapped in a mine that collapsed, and how the canaries' ghosts haunt it. When everybody is planning to go to bed, Gem dares Sabrina to spend an hour in the mine. When Sabrina refuses, Gem "double dog Dr. Drake dilly-o dip doughnut dares" her, and this time, Sabrina can't refuse otherwise she will live in shame. She agrees to go into the mine, and when she goes in, she finds Salem in her hood, and she tells him she's not scared. They suddenly hear panting and footsteps, and are afraid until they see that it's Harvey, who said Pi told him what she was up to, and "You think I was gonna let you do something this stupid without me? I mean, this stupid without me here to make sure you're okay?" He proceeds to tell her that she should be very careful, and leans against a mine cart, which he falls into and the cart then runs on the track, and Sabrina then jumps into the mine cart in the next track and rides after him, calling his name. After a while of riding, the tracks go in different directions and they are separated. Sabrina's cart crashes through a wall and they come upon the two canaries from Harvey's story, who offer to show her the way out. When Sabrina wants to find Harvey and regrets taking the dare, the canaries tell her the story of what really happened the day the mine collapsed. Turns out, the two canaries would always dare each other to pretend to choke, since canaries were brought into the mines so they could warn the miners of poisonous gas, and one day, when one of them pretended to choke, the miners started running out, and one ran into a post, which collapsed the mine, and the birds were left behind. Meanwhile, the other kids are standing outside the mine, worried since neither Harvey or Sabrina has come out. When Uncle Quigley arrives, asking where they are, Pi says, "It's kind of a funny story" and Uncle Quigley proceeds to ask him, saying he could use a laugh. When he finds out where they are, he yells so loud the birds start flying. Back in the mine, the canaries are telling the story and mention that there are carnivorous roots in the cave, and at the same time the aforementioned roots wrap themselves around Sabrina and Salem and lift them from the ground, while one of the canaries also mentions the deranged rodents, which at first, Salem is not worried about, thinking it will be a good meal, until he sees the size of them. At that moment, Harvey appears at an entrance above them, swings on a root to grab them both, and Sabrina gives him a quick peck on the cheek to thank him. They jump into a mine cart with the canaries, and at first, they seem lost, until Salem hears the sound of a banjo playing and tells Sabrina to follow it, recognizing the sound as that of the the banjo-playing squirrel he was playing his guitar with earlier. The mine cart flies out of the mine, and Harvey, Sabrina and Salem crash-land at the campsite, where Sabrina decides not to take anymore dares and tell Uncle Quigley the truth.

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