Time Files is the 22nd episode of Sabrina's Secret Life.


Sabrina promises to go to the "Plain Brain" concert with Maritza, which is at the same time Sabrina promised to go to the "Netherworld Hyper Spa" with her aunts. When she cancels out on the concert, and wishes she could go to both the concert and the spa, a green worm (by the name of Wiggles) pops out of the crystal ball her aunts gave to her. He presents her with a magic gold dial and a manual, that allows her to travel back in time whenever she wants. She fails to read the manual, and uses it instantaneously to go back to the day Maritza asks her to go to the concert with her. They go to the concert twice, and then Sabrina goes with her aunts to the spa, twice. After overusing the watch a few times, Sabrina misses the concert and sleeps through the weekend. She begins to notice strange things happening when she (and the watch) age rapidly, Harvey is Maritza's boyfriend, and they have no idea who she is. To make matters worse, the watch breaks. When Hilda calls in Wiggles, he too is shocked at Sabrina's state, and explains the reason why it happened: she redid the same events more than once. After filling in the refund forms for the watch, Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda go to a place in the Netherworld, where Sabrina learns her lesson and goes back to the time (as a teenager) when Maritza asked her to the concert.