The Bat Pack is the 65th and final episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


When a trio of partying vampire gangsters come to Greendale looking for Hilda, whose leader was the ex-boyfriend of Hilda, they instead encounter Sabrina, who they ask for her help to steal some blood from a blood bank, which is owned by a a Zombie name Dead Tony (Portrayed by Robert O. Smith), but when Sabrina is framed for the crime, it is up to Hilda and Zelda to rescue her.


  • This is the series finale of Sabrina: The Animated Series.
  • Last appearance of Sabrina, Salem, Hilda, Zelda, Chloe and Slugloafe.
  • Salem broke the fourth wall in the end when he said "That's the end, baby." meaning this is the final episode.