Midsummer's Nightmare is the 26th and final episode of Sabrina's Secret Life.


Harvey auditions for the role of Oberon in the school play A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Sabrina and Cassandra are auditioning for the role of Titania. Sabrina ruins Cassandra's audition by casting a spell on a fan, which causes her to fly off-stage. Cassandra in turn ruins Sabrina's audition by making her forget her lines and sleep. As punishment, Ms. Magrooney makes Sabrina the director, and Cassandra, Titania. Sabrina takes advantage of her role as director by preventing Cassandra from doing anything that could make her close to Harvey. They both try to cooperate with each other, when suddenly Puck appears, and does a favour for Cassandra by preventing her from getting close to Harvey. But this is a plan to have the role of Oberon. It works when he changes Sabrina's mind using fairy dust, and Harvey is out of the play. The spell wears off, and Sabrina regrets making Harvey leave. When she calls him back, they manage to rehearse the play properly. Puck ruins the performance by causing a tremor on stage, but Cassandra and Sabrina defeat him through the power of true friendship.


  • This is the series finale of Sabrina's Secret Life.

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