Hot Item is the 19th episode of Sabrina's Secret Life.


Sabrina and Cassandra take a trip to the Netherworld with Ms. Magrooney to learn about the history of magical creatures. While there, Cassandra gets hit with chocolate chip cookies by Alchemus Al for almost taking his gold. He accidentally mistook her for a gold-snatching beast. Sabrina takes an egg home that she believes to be a rock to add to her collection, even though Ms. Magrooney gave strict orders not to touch anything or take anything home as a souvenir. During the night the egg hatches, and a dragon pops out. Sabrina names him Baby D. and is reluctant to return him back to his mother; but decides to keep him due to his cuteness. The dragon is the beast that Alchemus Al spoke about that was attracted to shiny objects. It steals Salem's rhinestone dress-collar, Sabrina's watch and Cassandra's expensive necklace. Since Maritza had wanted the necklace before Cassandra did in the store, she blames her for the theft. Sabrina finds out that Baby D. is the culprit and tries to return him back to his home-town, but the spell fails. Alchemus Al appears and they try to trap Baby D. and return him to his mother. They try to distract him with cookies but it doesn't work, since Baby D. has "diamond-eye"; which means he can't see the cookies, only the diamonds. They then finally manage to return him to his mother.

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