Greendale Idol is the 21st episode of Sabrina's Secret Life.


Sabrina and Maritza are excited when they find out that "Teen Talent Quest" is holding a talent competition in Greendale. Sabrina and Maritza both enter the competition, hoping to beat Cassandra who held a winner's bet: the winner gets to ask Harvey to the "backward dance". Sabrina joins Harvey's band (which they call "Sabrina and the Harvtones), and Cassandra forms a band with Tiffany and Margaux. After promising Sabrina she wouldn't use magic to cheat, she asks her Aunt Enchantra to make her band good for her. When Sabrina hears a beautiful singing voice in the school, she thinks it is Cassandra and gets even with her by casting a spell that makes her band popular when she sings the spell. When Sabrina gets a 'D' in her assignment, and Cassandra a 'D-', Mr. Snipe bribes Cassandra with a good grade in return for a cheque. At the "Teen Talent Quest", Sabrina sings with her band, and Cassandra unleashes her potion that was given to her by Aunt Enchantra, at the same time. The potion gets out of control when everybody starts fighting, and the judges choose the winner based on the highest bidder. Cassandra sets out to win by getting her cheque-book ready, but then they hear Maritza sing and fix the spell together. It is then that Sabrina notices that it was Maritza singing in the school and not Cassandra. Maritza becomes the winner of "Teen Talent Quest", and becomes Harvey's date to the "backward dance".