Freddy Addison is a one time character who appears once in the Sabrina the Animated Series episode Witchery Science Theatre


Freddy is a character from the 1950's sci-fi movie "I was a Teenage Lobster Zombie from Outer Space" who was in love with Peggy Sue, a popular girl in school and wanted her to be his girl (Despite her father never wanting his daughter to date a nerd) while getting ready for his date at make out point, he realize that no what he do, he could never look good enough to be her guy. So Freddy went to the local mad scientist's house who created a potion to make him look like a teen heartthrob, followed by entering the transformation machine. However badly hit when The Scientist pet lobster entered the machine and fused with Freddy, making into a Human/Lobster hybrid. When he went to visit Peggy Sue at Make out point, his appearance frighten her and the other, thinking his a monster.

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