Chloe Flan
Chloe Flan (1)
General Information
Age: 12 (Animated Series)
Species: Mortal
Resides: Greendale
Occupation: Student
Powers/Abilities: N/A
Nicknames: Chihuahua
Family: Mrs. Flan(mother)
Tony Flan(father)
Friends: Sabrina Spellman
Harvey Kinkle
Enemies: Gem Stone
Frenemies: Harvey Kinkle
Romances: Adventure
Series Information
First seen: Picture Perfect
Last seen: The Bat Pack
Portrayed by: Cree Summer[1]

Chloe Flan is a supporting character and Sabrina's best friend in Sabrina: The Animated Series. She is voiced by Cree Summer.


In the first episode, it's already shown that Chloe knows about Sabrina being a witch. Chloe's main friends are Sabrina, Harvey, and Pi. She is usually involved in one of Sabrina's magical schemes, and she's Sabrina's voice of reason. Although she hates being used in Sabrina's schemes, in one episode Chloe admits she "loves it when they use [magic]". Chloe has also been the subject of many spells such as: being shrunken, going back in time, and being turned into a mermaid. Like Sabrina, she also hates Gem Stone. Chloe always will be on Sabrina's side whenever she needs it.

In Sabrina's Secret Life, she moved away, leaving Maritza taking her place as Sabrina's best friend.