Baby Makes Three is the 18th episode of Sabrina's Secret Life.


Hilda and Zelda are off to the "Netherworld Beauty Spa" for the day. So Sabrina and Maritza see this as an opportunity to host a party at Sabrina's House. But an elderly babysitter by the name of Ms. Pratt arrives before Sabrina's guests arrive. It turns out that Hilda and Zelda hired her. Not wanting her party to be ruined, Salem comes up with a plan: cast an aging spell on Ms. Pratt and make her young so she can blend in at the party. He distracts her while Sabrina goes into the Attic to find her Aunt's spell Book. Thinking that Ms. Pratt is 80, she adds 6 times the ingredients, hoping to make her 20. But she isn't as old as she thinks. Sabrina returns downstairs and convinces Ms. Pratt that the bowl of Green powder she's holding is some kind of new shampoo. But when she casts the spell, Ms. Pratt turns into a baby. Just as Maritza arrives, Ms. Pratt begins crying loudly. Sabrina tells her that her Aunts made her babysit at the last minute. They both tend to Ms. Pratt, struggling to make her stop crying, feed her, clean her after she spits up, and change her poopy diaper. They eventually go to the Store to buy diapers in a baby carriage Salem transformed from a pumpkin. He then finds out that the transformation will end soon, and rushes to tell Sabrina. He catches up with her and Maritza just as they leave the store and the baby carriage turns back into a pumpkin. They return home and Sabrina's guests come in. While Sabrina is warming up milk for Ms. Pratt, the lights go out and Cassandra gets suspicious. She finds Ms Pratt sleeping and goes through her bag where she finds Ms Pratt's identity card with her real picture on it. She then turns her back into an adult and leaves the party with her friends. The friends who stayed behind have a party downstairs; and Harvey notices Ms Pratt come peep into the room. When Sabrina finds out that Ms Pratt is an adult again she calls off the party to find Hilda and Zelda at home. Ms Pratt returns home, dropping off Sabrina's friends on the way.